The Weirdest Dream


System is established on production. Just as animals have some roles in the ecosystem, people have productive roles in the system that they’re in too. And a possible abnormality they may show in this system that they are supposed to participate in a normal mentality causes an interval in the production. This situation can be observed in the experiments which resulted with the insanity and the unproductiveness of the animals forced to 7/24 industrial production. In this regard, a productivity having reached up to an obsessive point in a monstrous extent (working 7 days, overtimes, short lunch breaks etc.) treathens itself as much as it threatens the normality of the people. Thereby the system gives some concessions to them (not working in the nights, at the weekends and on holidays) in order to prevent them to lose their normality. But individuals go on contributing to the system by evaluating these concessions, which are given in time parameters, on consumption (leisure time activities lead by shopping, eating-drinking). Because the same system boosts consumption as well that is the producer of a new production through a constant production of desire. Nevertheless this production obsession derives desire out of being a causeless impulse and turns it into a requirement that should be fulfilled brutally and in all possible ways. The artist’s series called “The Weirdest Dream” takes us to an animal world working out in such an ecosystem and by using sexuality as a metaphor -sex is both an act of consumption and production- and getting us witnessed its habitants satisfying their desires (thereby producing), shows us how it really looks like out that the ‘normality/rationality’ which the system expects us to parade for its own sake

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