My practice is based on investigating multi-layered effects of the internet on global society by copying, combining, and transforming the cultural codes such as images, texts, memes, videos that are being distributed online. I evaluate, design, and realize a variety of objects in my works out of collected materials from the Web. I have been exploring the internet as a public sphere in various fields. My master thesis on “The Form and the Thematics of Internet Art” was followed by further research on the relationship between the internet, technological progress and society. Through this investigation, I found the internet worthy of study as it has evolved into an indispensable gathering point for the public in which the individuals reveal their repressed irrational behaviours. Currently, I examine the so-called ‘Post Internet’, the radical shift in human perception by the wide recognition of technological progress. In particular, I’m looking at the new visual aesthetics revealed by social media platforms, live chat rooms and so on. In the exhibitions that I participated in, I presented my observations on the online culture in diverse forms: I realized installations using materials from screenshots to videos, flags to t-shirts, photography to texts, printed materials to 3D objects. In the last few projects, I focused on transforming ‘things’ that are taken from the internet into objects, now I am heading towards the direction of executing works by the help of either direct or indirect public participation.